Vice President Alupo hands over tractors to cooperatives in Katakwi district*

Katakwi District was in cheerful mood, as the Vice President Jessica Alupo hands over tractors to different associations and cooperatives in the District.
A total of 20 walking tractors and 3 big tractors were handed over to selected active farmers at the sub county level and three cooperatives respectively in Katakwi district.
Speaking to the recipients in a mix of both the local dialect and English, Vice President Jessica Alupo also woman MP Katakwi stressed the importance of utilizing these farm tractors to start planting early to increase production, productivity and food security.
The Vice President (Alupo) said that, these tractors come at a time when people have returned completely from the internally displaced people’s camps and should be helped to cultivate their land, which she said, would boost the economy of the district and enhance the district to move to middle income status.
Alupo said NRM would always provide peace and security, and development will continue to flourish in the country. "Please use this peace and security well, plan for your economic activities well knowing that security is guaranteed under the leadership of H.E Y.K Museveni who is the commander in chief", she added.
According to Alupo, said that, she had told the President that Katakwi had very large sub-counties, with service delivery as the biggest focal point, necessitating these tractors. “We don’t want these tractors parked at the district yards, these tractors should be taken to the farms immediately and put to use”, cautioning them on sustainability and maintenance. “Please coordinate and cooperate with everyone in the sub county so that everyone starts planting, so that we get increased yields”. Alupo, during the handover of the tractors asked the leaders and the locals to work towards eliminating hunger in the region.
Alupo rallied the population on leaving no one behind. “NRM doesn’t discriminate. Even if challenges arise, we must support each other”, she said, before announcing her pledge of fuel for the first 100 acres to each of the 3 big tractors, and a full tank too to each of the 20 walking tractors.
The Vice President asked the technical teams under the Chief Administrative officer in her district to take keen interest and supervise the gardens with the Agricultural officers. “We have decided to give you hooks, and not fish, and all we require is that the farmers are trained on the farms, and not the district yards”, she said, adding that government under the parish development model is interested in the whole value chain from production, processing and marketing.
Ms. Alupo passed a message from the President to the CAOs, which she said, demanded of them to avail statistical and quantifiable data of output at harvest time. “We should all aim to be commercial farmers. On Government Programs, the Vice President asked the locals to mobilize themselves and embrace government initiatives and programs, especially, the recently launched, Parish Development Model. She encouraged parents and leaders to keep all children in school, regardless of the challenges. She said Government would continue providing Universal Education for all Ugandan children, “so keep them in school”, she advised, adding that “Government will also keep equipping hospitals and procuring the drugs needed for the health facilities.
Alupo encouraged farmers and all communities to keep on benefiting from the programs which she said were deliberate programs to move everyone into the money economy. "Organize, re-organize, strategize and see how to benefit from these programs. Encourage the people, motivate them and ensure that we unite to fight poverty and be independent financially". During the function, the local leaders showed their appreciation to the Vice President for the tractors.
Meanwhile the district chairperson Geoffrey Omolo, asked the beneficiaries to rightfully utilize the tractors since it’s a blessing to the district. Omolo added that, government needs to tighten security at the border of Teso and Karamoja that poses threats to the farmers in the region that borders Karamoja.
During his deliberations, Omolo, said, the tractors have come at the right time where rains are first falling, meaning Katakwi will experience change in farm productivity.
Stephen Okure Ilemukorit, a leader of the farmers who received the farm equipment tasked the office of the Vice President to ensure availability of farm water to farmers since there is need of water in the farms.
Present were several leaders, including the MP for Usuk county-Bosco Okiror who doubles as the chairperson Teso parliamentary group, he praised the Vice President as an assertive, effective leader for whom Katakwi is very grateful to have.

Friday, March 18, 2022